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I must admit I’m nervous about the next four years now what with the results. Not too much of an Obama fan; don’t really agree with a thing the man stands for, especially on moral grounds (i.e. abortion, especially late term abortions…).

But what’s done is done. Yes, I’m going to be depressed tomorrow; yes, I’m even going to wear all black to show I’m in mourning πŸ˜› Sure, it may be silly, but it’s how I cope πŸ˜›

I’m also comforted by the fact that at least Congress is not overrun by liberals, so not everything he wants to do will (hopefully) not go through. And perhaps…perhaps…things won’t be as bad as I think.

All I can do is hope.

Anyway…back to writing…I managed to hit 9,509 today. Just 491 shy of 10K. I was trying for that today but got too distracted πŸ˜› Anyway I’ll definitely hit it tomorrow

That’s pretty much it; tomorrow…or sometime soon…I should break out of this election depression.

Comments on: "Slightly Depressed…Oh and My Word Count for Today" (2)

  1. Almost at 10K and a whole week hasn’t even passed yet – you’re doing so well!
    I’m sure it won’t be as bad as you think, sometimes you just have to roll with it. I know over here in NZ (elections in 3 days time) a new party is getting into government and it’s a bit of a worry, but we just have to do the best we can πŸ™‚

  2. well done for those words!!

    I’m hopeful for a different direction, we shall see. whatever comes there is a great verse in Hebrews, something that to me translates along these lines…

    who ever is in charge, it will be okay. respect who’s there, for reasons He had in mind…

    unknown to us down here. just have to trust all will be well…

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