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I think my eyes are on the verge of falling out from all the typing I’ve done since Thursday.

Since the last entry I’ve written 7,435 words. In two days.

For some writers, that may seem like a small number but to me, who only averages about 2000 or so daily, that is a monumental amount.

I wrote slightly over 4,000 today alone. I don’t know how, but it happened 😛 And I was nearly all tapped out of creative juices.

I think tomorrow I may take a slight break; I’m going to at least write enough to get me to the 25 K mark, which is somewhere between 700-800 words.

But I think I’ve earned a tiny break 😛 Of course I believe my hands and my brain are screaming at me from spending too much time typing and staring at small print on a computer screen. So tomorrow will be mostly for recharging and refueling. 😛

Official word count: 24,241

Comments on: "Monumental Amount of Writing–For Me, Anyway" (4)

  1. Good on you for taking some time to recharge, it’s SO important. You’re doing really well!

  2. I saw where you updated your wordcount on the NaNo site and did a celebrating dance for you!! Way to go on the word count, you do deserve a break tomorrow!! You don’t want to tap those creative juices out now your half-way there!!

  3. I look forward to the day that I can travel to do the research I need to do!!

  4. fantastic!!! it feels really cool when the words just can’t be stopped… 🙂

    take that break! then you’ll be itching to return… hee hee…

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