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Dreams as Inspiration

I was wondering how many writers out there have actually used their dreams as inspiration.

I’ve had some pretty interesting and complex dreams that often I’ll be thinking (mid-dream!) “this would make for a great story!”

And then I wake up and it fades into the ether.

Some dreams affect me so profoundly that I’ll be in a daze most of the next day, trying to grasp that odd fragment from the night before and understand why I’m feeling so melancholy or incomplete. I may not be able to remember the details but something inevitably will stick with me and then I’m trying my best to figure out what it was.

I’ve tried having a notebook besides my bed to write down what I can remember from the night before, but I’m often so groggy that I don’t remember it’s there; by the time I do, the dream’s been lost.

Maybe if I tell myself over and over subconsiously to write whatever fragments down the moment I wake up, it’ll happen.

But then I wonder how coherent the notes will be for me later on when I review them 😛

Perhaps one day I’ll be able to grasp the elusive dream and not have to endure those feelings of disappointment the following day. 🙂

Comments on: "Dreams as Inspiration" (6)

  1. My best time to write is early in the morning before dreams escape me.

  2. I’ve tried the notebook thing, but writing in the dark doesn’t really work.

  3. I’m jealous that you get cool dreams. LOL So far none of mine have inspired me.

  4. Dreams can be very inspirational to reflect on. I’ve never thought of using something from a dream though. Especially since my dreams are so murky I don’t want to spend time chasing them.

  5. Hand raised. My book Kings & Queens and its sequel, Sapphire Reign, were each inspired by dreams in some way. I had this dream last week of how I ended my book, but when I woke up, I couldn’t recall the specifics. Rats! I’m still working on the end.

  6. victanguera said:

    My NaNo last year started from a very vivid dream. It didn’t work out as well as it should as I didn’t spend the time planning that I should have.

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