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Weekly Happenings

So, it’s been over three months and nothing much to note. My son turned one on June 11th (already!) but other than that, not much else to report.

Anyway, I figured I’d break the blog silence by doing a weekly happening type thing. As the title suggest, it’s a hodgepodge of random things in my life this week.

Writing Happenings

1. I’ve still been working on my novel, Before the Dawn, although I haven’t written any new chapters. But I did work on my outline for the remaining 8 chapters, so I have more of a guideline. My critique group told me to skip the scene I’m having trouble with and write the next one. It’s simple, but I hadn’t really thought to do it.

2. Sometimes working on another project helps me break my writer’s block for the current one. I’ve been working on character building for another story set in the same world as Before the Dawn, but two centuries later. If anything, it’s helping to get more world building done.

Currently Reading…
3. The Sister Queens by Sophie Perinot. Set in the 13th century, it’s a historical novel based off the lives of Marguerite of France (wife of King Louis IX) and her sister, Eleanor or England (wife of Henry III). I love a good historical, but at times I get lost in this one with all of the names of the characters. It spans twenty years and there are A LOT of names. Also, there’s too much sexual stuff, enough that I find myself skipping chunks because I don’t want to read about their bed adventures. Not my kind of thing. I’m not quite finished though and it’s still intriguing to read despite the flaws.

My Life
4. Tommy’s getting closer to walking.  He walks very well if you’re holding his hands or if he uses his push walker. He zooms across the room then!

5. My family’s coming to visit for the weekend. I haven’t seen them since Tommy’s birthday a month ago. We have some fun things planned for the weekend, mostly going to a local dairy farm/restaurant/petting zoo. It should be fun!

So, that’s my week. How about yours?

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