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I’m in one of those dreamer-type moods. Maybe it’s because it’s past midnight. Anyway…

Someday…someday I’d like to travel here.

Kakunodate, Akita, Tohoku region

This is the small village that my MC Naomi is taken to in The Scarlet Daughter. I’m not sure if the river was lined with the cherry trees back in 1890, but it definitely had the cherry blossom line streets like this picture below shows:

Cherry blossoms in the former samurai district

The trees are a few hundred years old and the streets are set up in the former samurai quarter as they would’ve been when Naomi arrived. Of course it probably wasn’t paved and there probably weren’t as many people as this was a remote village, but it would’ve looked very similar.

And the houses of course, which would be similar to the one she was brought to:

Since I can’t make it there any time soon, I’ll have to console myself with pictures online. Ah, the wonders of the internet!

Of course I can’t forget the village I’ve used as inspiration for Miyuki’s home in Lady of the Snow.

The villages of Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture are still very remote today. Back in the 18th century, in the winter, they would’ve been cut off from the world until spring.

Seeing this picture below, it’s no wonder:

It’s pretty easy to picture her living in a village like this, with the steep roofs that are said to resemble praying hands. The roof style is unique to the area because of the amount of snow; villagers quickly learned the necessity of making a house like that.

Even in the springtime the character of the old village isn’t lost:

Someday…someday I’ll visit both these places. The inspiration for my book’s settings.

Now I’ll just have to dream about being there 🙂

This is why I could never come up with a fantasy world–there are too many places in the real world that are more beautiful than I could imagine.

Comments on: "Someday…" (11)

  1. Walking around Iki/Fukuoka during full cherry-blossom season is just mind-boggling. It’s amazing how many of those trees are everywhere, and how beautiful the world becomes when they’re all blooming. It’s my favorite time of year, even more so than swim season.

    You’ll go someday! 🙂

  2. You’ll get there! I have places I want to go as well. I think I’ll go surf the web for pictures.

  3. These places are so pretty! I do hope to some day visit Japan as well. :]

  4. Those are beautiful pictures and beautiful places. I would gladly go visit any of them.

  5. Oh my gosh, gorgeous. This reminds me of how much I want to travel the world someday. Cherry blossoms? Roofs that look like praying hands? Amazing.

  6. Hi! I’m sorry for the lateness of the sketch. It’s finally up here. I hope you like it! :]

  7. Love the photos. I think my favorite is the houses with the steep roofs covered in snow. I may hate snow in real life, but it does often look enchanting in pictures.

  8. I hear research trips for authors are tax-deductable. Hmm, or is that just a myth?

    I’ve only been in Japan once and was only able to see a small slice of Tokyo. I’d love to be able to travel outside the big cities to see the countryside.

  9. Wish I’d been able to see more of Japan than I did! There was a grant I posted on my website for authors who wished to live in Asia and write. Did you see that?

    Good luck with the travel. I know what it can do for your writing!

  10. Gorgeous. How could you not be inspired by these picts? Awesome.

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